Batina Earrings

Batina Earrings
Batina Earrings
$ 0.00$ 95.00



Meaning ‘inner, hidden, obscure, or concealed’. The Akirah Spirals offer a whimsical touch to these timeless, lightweight earrings.

Sister Style in the Maraya Collection.


  • 2” length
  • Solid brass
  • Handcrafted artisan quality
  • Sterling silver backs


This piece is fabricated by hand using domestically-sourced, durable solid brass. Because this piece is made to order, please allow 7-14 days for production.

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Batina Earrings

Batina Earrings
$ 0.00$ 95.00
Batina Earrings

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This earring includes the Akirah spiral, which means 'hereafter' or 'what comes next' in Arabic and represents the reward after struggle. The second portion of the earring features the Maraya pendant, which means 'mirrors' in Arabic. It speaks on a surface level to the idea that everything that we’re attracted and drawn to act as little mirrors reflecting various aspects of who we are. 

My intention is for the Zahira Earrings to serve as a reminder that as we experience trials we exist in a period of transition. Though the result remains unseen during the trial, the reward is what comes next.



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