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  • 18" solid brass, faceted chain
  • antique-style ring clasp
  • weighted Salsaal Ring pendant

"To be humble is to remove ego, open up and receive. The form of such a piece needed to appear texturally soft & open to impression, like mud."

"I was so excited when my ring came and when I put it on my finger it felt like it was clicking into place, like putting that final puzzle piece in the puzzle to mark it complete. I bought this ring for myself as a gift to myself to always remember this stressful, empowering, brave and humbling time and it means so much to me..."

- Rachel

"Really great jewelry! I purchased a necklace for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it, she’s been wearing it non-stop since it arrived. The necklace looks great and I appreciate the thought and care that went in to making and shipping the item. I highly recommend."


"Timeless, classic jewelry, yet each piece possesses a spark of uniqueness. This is the first time I had a piece of jewelry where I thought: who will I pass this on to? Beautiful work and wonderful business of caring, creative and thoughtful people."


"Absolutely love my ring from Mahnal! It is beautiful, crafted with care, and I can’t wait to buy more jewelry here! Shay, the owner, reached out personally to make sure I loved my purchase and it meant a lot to hear from the designer..."




Receive this special, limited edition bookmark as a gift with your necklace.


"I designed this special gift sharing the story and inspiration behind Salsaal as a personal memento. A reminder to always expand and evolve and be open to the gifts that life has to offer."

- Shayba