Circulo Necklace
Circulo Necklace

Circulo Necklace

$ 132.00

Circulo Necklace

$ 132.00
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This brass collar necklace is both minimal & architectural with it's sweeping circle pendant at center stage. The necklace's focal point earns it the name 'Circulo', meaning 'circle' in Spanish.


Solid brass

Handcrafted artisan quality

Lightweight, comfortable

Store jewelry in it's original packaging or a jewelry box that seals out light, dust particles, and moisture. Brass naturally develops a patina, which over the course of time adds dimension, character, and beauty with age.

An easy way to get the look is to avoid polishing and let oxygen & your natural body chemistry create a 'living' finish. Polish from time to time if you'd like to maintain the original shine & brightness.

Brass polishing cloths are available for purchase here: Brass Cleaning Cloth

Shipping ↓

This piece is fabricated by hand using domestically-sourced, durable solid brass. Because this piece is made to order, please allow 7-14 days for production.

Free shipping on orders over $150.

The Unifying Circulo

Within the architectural and visual designs of many cultures, particularly Islamic, the circle is used as a base for creation. It is understood as a symbol of equality because of its perfect symmetry relative to its center extending in every direction. The Circulo Necklace in this case, is a representation and reminder of our naturally interdependent relationship to one another as human beings. Understanding that, on a foundational level, I believe is the base from which we must ascend if we hope to create harmony.

May Circulo serve as a reminder that our separateness is only perceived, through unity the strength of our wholeness is revealed.

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