L I B R A R Y   O F


Mahnal is a collection of brass heirloom jewelry inspiring the romance of life. Each collection represents a meditation on characteristics or concepts that prompt reflection and cause us to slow down and feel again. Through reminders to live each day with beauty and intention, we want to inspire women to fall in love with life.

Journey through the awaiting story that each collection has to share...

The Magic of Salsaal

Salsaal, meaning 'mud' or ‘sounding clay’ in Arabic is a tactile meditation on the foundational characteristic of ‘humility’. To remove ego, open up & receive. The texturally soft surface appears open to receive impression, as clay. In Islam we perform ‘wudu’ (ablution) & bathe ourselves to purify our minds & bodies for prayer. But in the absence of water, pure earth is to be used. From purifying our skin to bathing for animals, mud is a foundational element of immense value. The foundational stage of humanity- childhood holds a pure & humble spirit able to dream without limitation & explore without fear. This balance of humility creates a clear mind to think no more & certainly no less of oneself than it should.

May Salsaal serve as a reminder to reshape the heart & renew our vision to become again as children.

~ Shayba

Akirah, The Cycles of Evolution

Akirah means 'hereafter' or 'what comes next' in Arabic. The earrings feature 3 tiers of graduating spirals, with the bottom-most housing 7 overlaps. In theology, the number 3 represents trial, with 7 being a representation of completeness. These numbers together seem to illustrate the perfect numerical expression of the reward after struggle.

May the Akirah Collection serve as a reminder of the hill after every valley. 


Reflections of Maraya

The name Maraya was suggested by a customer, Mouna, and was immediately struck by the beauty of the word. Maraya, meaning ‘mirrors’ in Arabic, speaks on a surface level to the parallel faces of the ring. Because this double sided ring can be inscribed with personal messaging on either side, it also speaks to something within each of us. Everything that we’re attracted to and drawn to, everything that we express, as well as everything that we consume act as little mirrors reflecting various aspects within us. 

May Maraya serve as a reminder to use the things we gravitate towards as tools for self analysis and development. What we carry with and around us should also be used as intentional reflections and reminders to nurture the very best parts of ourselves that we hope to preserve.


Tranquility of Samaka

The silhouette of the Samaka was designed to mimic the soft curve and balanced form of a fish. When I contemplate on the fish, I envision their grace, beauty, and the sense of serenity they bring. In this modern day, we are constantly confronted with generators of stress. Not that stress is necessarily negative, it has a place and function- yet, the ability to cloud our judgment. Elements of nature can offer a prompt back towards an even keel. When we bring animals, such as fish into our homes, offices, or dwelling spaces they also bring with them an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

May Samaka serve as a reminder to relax and find: center.  


Vision of A Vine

In the artistic expression of world cultures & traditions of antiquity the vine represents bounty & harvest. The vine is a channel through which the nourishment needed to bear fruit moves. The vine collection was inspired by the determination that brings our visions to life. It symbolizes the flow of effort needed to nourish & give life to our dreams. The fruits of our labor. The reward after struggle. The vein of life to a dream realized. 

May the Vine Collection serve as a reminder of that old axiom: you can tell the tree by the fruit it bears. Continue to breathe life into that which you want to see made manifest.


Bonds of Alitsal

Remembering our connection to the source of creation, to the Creator. We are a part of an interconnected web of systems in nature- but also socially. In reflecting on the value of our ancestry, we’re the link that connects the history of our families into the future. In our personal relationships we give and receive value and lessons to those we connect with, both short term and long. Living in the technological era, it’s easy- maybe too easy, to look at a screen. As quickly as information passes between our fingertips, it’s the patient rhythm of life we’ll miss. Reflecting on the connections that add to and increase the richness of our lives inspires gratitude. Contemplating the odds of our existence being a part of the orchestra of life inspires appreciation. 

May the Alitsal collection serve as a reminder to nurture the bonds and relationships we've formed. To give our full attention to being present.


The Strength of Hasaa

Pebbles, rocks, stones- all are representative of strength, solidarity, and permanence. The humble rock becomes powerful in the context of its ancient role as the foundation of civilization. From monolithic structures and architecture, to calendars, tools and tablets for recording history. Rocks and stones have endured and grown into metaphors for resiliency and dependability amongst each other. To be a 'rock' for another is to be a source of stability in their time of need. As we traverse the line of time and meet challenges that knock us along the way, think of the river stone. Its imperfections actually fall away as the pressure of water cleanses its surface.

My intention with the Hasaa Collection is to serve as a reminder to lean into seasons of challenge as moments for refinement and strength.


Calibration of Janan

This piece was inspired by contemplation on the relationship between the heart and the soul. Our heart reveals the content of our character and soul embodies the expression of who we are. Where one begins and the other ends, the two are intimately and intangibly tethered within us. Together they represent the fullness of our enthusiasm and passion.

May Janan Collection serve as a reminder to seek that which instills within your purpose and give to it in exchange your whole heart and soul.


Harmony of Wahada

Wahada, means 'unity' in Arabic. To unify is to enjoin together- to bring into harmony and oneness. As with notes on a scale, or hues on a color wheel, harmony is found in the blending of complementary wavelengths. This rule can be applied to all expressions of wellness, from eating foods that complement our beings to the relationships we nurture. The parallel lines in each piece in the Wahada Collection are individual- yet converge as one, echoing its meaning.

May Wahada serve as a reminder to sustain a high quality of life by unifying with that which compliments your spirit.

- Shayba

The Abounding Pod

The Pod Collection was named because of its shape but inspired by the process of germination. Amazingly, seeds actually conserve a fully formed embryo, which is in wait and only grows when the conditions are right. That’s not unlike how we are- many potentialities exist within us. I believe those possibilities are limitless and that the limits we do experience are often self inflicted.

May the Pod collection serve as a reminder that there is a version of yourself (that one you dream about) that exists within you. If you prepare the soil, water, and nurture it regularly, that seed will give way to new life and experiences.


Rhythm of Ola

'Ola' translates literally to 'wave' in Spanish, I chose to represent waves through this piece by mimicking the soft, undulating rhythm of disturbed water. Water is a form I'm constantly drawing inspiration and enlightenment from when I reflect on how essential it is to our livelihood. Beyond hydration, it plays an integral role in the creation myths of cultures across the globe. Interestingly it always plays the role of the source from which life sprang, the substance used by the Originator to bring both himself and creation into being. Beyond mythology, I love to explore the ways that water makes possible the basic functions of human anatomy. From vocalization to being the carrier of our thoughts between synaptic communication.

May Ola Collection remind us of our beautifully intimate and inseparable relationship with water.


Shifts of Kundalini

The word Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word identifying a coiling energy within the body. I chose the name Kundalini as a representation of energy and alignment. They are representative of our instinctive desire to rise above and exceed the challenges our lives present.

May Kundalini serve as a reminder to continue evolving and growing beyond our current state of being.