Ola Bangle
Ola Bangle

Ola Bangle

$ 90.00

Ola Bangle

$ 90.00
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Ola meaning wave in Spanish, illustrates how this simple bangle mimics the soft, undulating rhythm of disturbed water. It offers an understated sophistication.


Sister style to the Ola Earrings.

solid brass

handcrafted artisan quality

gently bend to adjust

Store jewelry in it's original packaging or a jewelry box that seals out light, dust particles, and moisture. Brass naturally develops a patina, which over the course of time adds dimension, character, and beauty with age.

An easy way to get the look is to avoid polishing and let oxygen & your natural body chemistry create a 'living' finish. Polish from time to time if you'd like to maintain the original shine & brightness.

Brass polishing cloths are available for purchase here: Brass Cleaning Cloth

Shipping ↓

This piece is fabricated by hand using domestically-sourced, durable solid brass. Because this piece is made to order, please allow 7-14 days for production.

Free shipping on orders over $150.

The Rhythm of Ola

'Ola' translates literally to 'wave' in Spanish, I chose to represent waves through this piece by mimicking the soft, undulating rhythm of disturbed water. Water is a form I'm constantly drawing inspiration and enlightenment from when I reflect on how essential it is to our livelihood. Beyond hydration, it plays an integral role in the creation myths of cultures across the globe. Interestingly it always plays the role of the source from which life sprang, the substance used by the Originator to bring both himself and creation into being. Beyond mythology, I love to explore the ways that water makes possible the basic functions of human anatomy. From vocalization to being the carrier of our thoughts between synaptic communication.

May Ola Collection remind us of our beautifully intimate and inseparable relationship with water.


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