Mahnal is a collection of handcrafted contemporary brass jewelry. The artisanal nature of this jewelry is an embrace of living a slower, more intentional lifestyle. In a fast paced world of fleeting trends and ever shifted styles, ofttimes we miss the enduring. It's the little things, as they say, that matter most. 

Mahnal sheds light on the gentle, insightful, and poetic beauty of Islam and the Arabic language. Many pieces are named in Arabic, imbuing each piece with a special message or characteristic of empowerment for the wearer.

Mahnal takes inspiration from the places we find most meditative. It explores themes like silhouettes in nature, the repetition of lines in architecture, or how light plays against texture. Hopefully, with each piece's organic imperfections, we're inspired to slow down and feel again.




"I want wearers to feel just as positive, confident, and inspired as I do when I'm designing for them. I started designing as a way to express and share my passions in life after studying design at the Institute of Art in Chicago. I worked as an accessory specialist and visual merchandiser focusing in jewelry for three years before deciding to take everything I had learned to launch Mahnal in 2016. Based in St. Louis, I work to continue my mission to inspire and adorn."
-Shayba Muhammad- designer, founder