Modern jewelry with a classic spiral charm. Contemporary necklace. Old world/ancient inspired contemporary brass jewelry
Contemporary jewelry with whimsical charms. Modern necklace with an old-world, ancient jewelry style. Modern brass necklace
Modern jewelry with spiral charms. Contemporary necklace with an ancient, old-world jewelry style. Contemporary brass necklace

Akirah Necklace

$ 93.00

This sophisticated necklace features an elegant succession of spiral pendants. Its the more reserved interpretation of and sister style to the Akirah Charm Necklace.


  • 16” length
  • Solid brass
  • Handcrafted artisan quality

Learn about brass jewelry care tips here.


This piece is fabricated by hand in St. Louis, MO using domestically-sourced, durable solid brass. Because this piece is made to order, please allow 7-14 days for delivery.