Maraya Bracelet

Maraya Bracelet
Maraya BraceletMaraya Bracelet
$ 160.00





This piece is fabricated by hand in St. Louis, MO using domestically-sourced, durable solid brass. Because this piece is made to order, please allow 7-14 days for production.

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Maraya Bracelet

Maraya Bracelet
$ 160.00
Maraya BraceletMaraya Bracelet

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The name Maraya was suggested by a customer, Mouna, and was immediately struck by the beauty of the word. Maraya, meaning ‘mirrors’ in Arabic speaks on a surface level to the parallel faces of the ring. Because this double sided ring can be inscribed with personal messaging on either side, it also speaks to something within each of us. Everything that we’re attracted and drawn to, everything that we express, as well as everything that we consume act as little mirrors reflecting various aspects within us. 

My intention is for the Maraya Bracelet to serve as a reminder to use the things we gravitate towards as tools for self analysis and development. What we carry with and around us should also be used as intentional reflections and reminders to nurture the very best parts of ourselves that we hope to preserve.



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