Paddle, The Essence of Purity

In designing the Paddle Collection, my aim was to achieve absolute simplicity. The irony of achieving simplicity is to do it effectively, it must be earned. The process begins as all of creation must: 1. chaos 2. order 3. form. Almost metaphorically, I've learned to apply this same method towards achieving peace and simplicity in my own life. Simplicity after all is a form of peace and agreement, harmony and balance. Both in life and design, all of these elements require creative problem solving to bring their attributes to the surface from amongst the chaos. Simplicity is but a careful and intentional settling of the dust of distraction to reveal a trueness of beauty.

May the Paddle Collection serve as a reminder to be still, breath, meditate, pray. Be still long enough for the chaos and confusion around you to settle- so that the voice within your own being can be heard.