Petite Crater Ring

Petite Crater RingPetite Crater Ring


When I designed this Salsaal ('mud in Arabic) piece, I meditated on the foundational characteristic of 'humility'. To be humble is to remove ego & open up to receive. The form of such a piece needed to appear texturally soft & open to impression, like mud.

Mud is a foundational element often overlooked for its immense value of purification. As with mud masks, it purifies the skin. In Islam we perform 'wudu' (ablution) and bathe ourselves to purify our minds and bodies for prayer. But in the absence of water, pure earth is to be used. Even for animals, dirt is also used to cleanse in the absence of water.

Children are perfect receivers because they are pure and humble in spirit. At this foundational stage of life, we dream without limitation & explore without fear. This blance of humility creates a clear mind that thinks no less or more of itself than it should.

My intention for the Mud Collection is to serve as a reminder that the fountain of youth is in our humility. It reshapes our hearts & renews our vision to see reality clearly. To see our value, each other’s value, and become like children.




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In creating the Petite Crater Ring I took my inspiration from our beloved satellite, Moon. The design was a simplistic illustration of the Moon's irregular yet beautifully textured surface. Just as I often find myself contemplating nature, the same is true of the order and activity beyond our atmosphere. When I gaze at the moon I find myself in awe. I contemplate its role, how it came to be, and I'm reminded that there are histories that have come far before my existence and will continue to stretch beyond it. This is the same moon that our parents, and grandparents, and parents before them have experienced and laid eyes on in their lifetimes.

My intention is for the Petite Crater Ring to serve as a reminder to look up for perspective- some things that can appear as mountains in our lives may suddenly feel a lot smaller.


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