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What many may have known as Lateef Accessories has evolved. Welcome Mahnal, a graduated line of jewelry with elevated contemporary designs but even more importantly: a strong identity. I'm thankful to those who have supported LA from it's conception through this continued journey. Although a huge transition, I'm so excited to share what's next! LA has grown with me and as I have evolved, so must the art.

What inspired Mahnal? As I thought on why Mahnal was special and what I really wanted to say with it, many thoughts entered my mind. Too often do we indulge without meaning, a habit lending itself to a void of consumerism. With this collection my wish is that each hand crafted piece, with all of their organic imperfections, cause us to slow down and feel again. The things we adorn ourselves with tell stories about who we are, where we've been, & how we feel or felt at a specific moment in time. I believe these accessories help express, in a tangible way who we are at our core. Mahnal in Arabic means 'attainment', 'achievement', and 'success', attributes I hope all of the women wearing it will feel and internalize. That when we adorn ourselves, it's not to mask but to celebrate our own uniqueness & imperfections. I deeply believe that achievement starts with a healthy self love, I want my jewelry to be token & reminder of that.

- Shayba

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    Love it.

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