As a metalsmith and as an entrepreneur, I know that often thinking about the work can take priority over thinking about safety. It's something we tend to not only want to put off doing, but avoid thinking about all together...

I recently learned about CERF's Get Ready Grant which made me question- is my workspace really as productive as it could be? Sure, I get plenty done but isn't safety apart of sustainability? I'm also a new mom, and I often deal with the issue of debris getting onto my clothing. Having to keep a distance between my self and baby boy until I change into clean clothes was- to put it plainly- not fun.

So, I decided to apply for the Get Ready Grant in an effort to think more practically about my work practices and processes. I was awarded funds that went towards purchasing a lab coat, fire extinguisher, and put money towards a fume extractor (a machine that sucks gas and noxious fumes out of the air).

After implementing these pieces into my workspace, I feel confident that I've made a smart decision and feel a greater sense of security while I work. Many thanks to the folks at CERF for helping artists protect themselves (and others)!