Akirah Bracelet

Akirah Bracelet
Akirah BraceletAkirah BraceletAkirah BraceletAkirah Bracelet
$ 132.00



The more reserved interpretation of the Akirah Charm Bracelet, featuring a delicate succession of winding spiral pendants. Sister style in the Akirah Collection.


  • 7.5” length
  • Solid brass
  • Handcrafted artisan quality
  • Adjustable width


This piece is fabricated by hand using domestically-sourced, durable solid brass. Because this piece is made to order, please allow 7-14 days for production.

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Akirah Bracelet

Akirah Bracelet
$ 132.00
Akirah BraceletAkirah BraceletAkirah BraceletAkirah Bracelet

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Akirah means 'hereafter' or 'what comes next' in Arabic. These earrings feature 3 tiers of graduating spirals, with the bottom-most housing 7 overlaps. In theology, the number 3 represents trial, with 7 being a representation of completeness. These numbers together seem to illustrate the perfect numerical expression of the reward after struggle.

My intention is for the Akirah Bracelet to serve as a reminder of the hill after every valley. 


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